Drifting is a unique evolution from traditional Motorsports, where competitors are scored in real-time by a select panel of Competition Judges, aided by the use of technology including speed guns, physical 'Clipping Points' on the race-track and OSB Services providing LIVE Video Replays to TV Screens in the Judging Tower.

Competitors also have the option to utilize a Crew Chief or Team Spotter, where a relay in radio communications provide drivers feedback on their performance and live scoring.

Here you can find out about the Judging System in place for the 2016/17 Season. D1NZ Pro is now a unique Top 24 where the first Top 8 qualifers go through and the bottom 16 Battle it out! Check out the video above!   




The 2016/17 Demon Energy D1NZ Championship Series will feature a fresh re-structured judging platform that includes a new sector-based scoring system. A bold new season brings new initiatives; with pre event information packs & live multi-camera broadcasting designed to develop and increase accessibility, transparency, and accuracy to the D1NZ series judging criteria. 


Similar to top tier international drifting categories, the D1NZ series features a Top 24 seeded competition, with competitors required to participate in a single pass double shootout to set the qualifying order for the main event. The Bottom 16 Battle it out while the Top 8 Qualifiers automatically enter the Top 16!  

D1NZ competitions are judged by a select panel of former competitors; these officials each analyse and evaluate one of three major criteria for drifting; Line, Angle, and Style. Together they form a score out of 100.

Line: 40/100      Angle: 40/100      Style: 20/100      Total Score: 100/100  

is a predetermined racing line which the competitors must navigate, drivers score higher points by matching this racing line while drifting. 

‘Angle’ is judged by how much rear slip angle a car produces, drivers score higher points by producing as much angle and opposite lock as possible, while following the competition race-line. 

‘Style’ is a combination of driver ability, showmanship, Fluidity with car control, Throttle and agression and car presentation. The style judge scores points for predetermined throttle control, smooth or aggressive track presence and overall car control.  

Stepping into the most demanding and apprehensive roles in drifting are 3 former D1NZ competitors, veterans of the sport and well-respected impartial officials who will oversee and uphold the integrity of the 2014/15 Championship season. These judges are Brendan Duncker (Line), Dan Mackie (Angle) and Kyle Jackways(Style) 

Checkout the video above to see the competition format explained along with the Judges Profiles.