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Manfeild double-header and new winners

Manfeild was a new challenge with two rounds in two days and a new track configuration.

Repco D1NZ Pro Championship Points Update

Luke Fink emerged victorious, showcasing incredible speed and precision in the JDM Racing team's supercharged LS-powered S15, known as the "big dog." Each run saw Luke pushing the car faster.

Luke steadily advanced through the competition, facing a strong challenge from Connor Halligan in the top 4. Although Connor delivered an impressive drive, he couldn't clinch the win, setting the stage for Luke's final showdown against Kase PB from PB-Drift.

On the other side of the bracket, Kase PB had a remarkable start, overcoming tough opponents including Dave Steedman from Team DSR. Dave pushed hard, but Kase’s exceptional chasing skills gave him the edge, winning favour with the judges.

Meanwhile, Taylor James of the Central Drift Team also turned heads by driving a borrowed 13b turbo 180SX, famously known as the "unicorn." Taylor defeated local favorite Jaron Olivecrona and then faced Cody PB in a battle so close it required a one-more-time (OMT) decision. Taylor’s consistent performance throughout these battles was noteworthy and could have been a final in its own right.

Unfortunately, Taylor faced a setback with an electrical issue during his top 4 battle against Kase, prompting his team to frantically resolve the problem. Despite a time crunch and a high-pressure situation involving six mechanics swapping out an alternator with just 30 seconds to spare, Taylor had to withdraw. The battle for third place concluded dramatically as Connor Halligan, lost in the thick tire smoke, ended up off the track.

Repco D1NZ Pro Sport Championship Points Update

Congratulations to Deane Young, who made a remarkable comeback after starting the weekend with the lowest qualifying position due to ECU issues. Despite a disappointing early elimination in Round 3, Deane managed to turn things around on Sunday in Round 4. Battling through a tough field, he clinched the top spot, leaving him ecstatic after the final battle!

Keisuke Nagashima also had an impressive day, eliminating his competitors one by one, including Daniel Edwards, who had a challenging day during Round 3. The top 4 showdown between Keisuke and Daniel was intensely competitive, eventually tipping in favor of Keisuke's agile 86.

Adam Whitehead had a smoother run starting from the top 16, reaching the top 4 without major issues. There, he faced Deane in a battle so close that it resulted in a one-more-time (OMT) decision, much to the delight of their enthusiastic supporter, Steve the Maori. In the rematch, Deane edged out Adam, advancing to face Daniel Edwards for the third-place match. Despite a strong effort from Adam, Daniel emerged victorious.

As the championship heads to Baypark, the points race between Keisuke and Deane is tight, with Keisuke holding a slight lead. With the final just under two weeks away, the stage is set for an exhilarating conclusion to the season!


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