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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) 

Our 2024 portfolio of ESG reports are produced to meet the needs of our key external stakeholders, including our investors, categories and customers. They take account of our social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities for the wider motorsport industry but also where Drifting sits and how to future proof the sport.

 PILLAR 1:  


Repco D1NZ Drifting: Pillar 1 - Inclusivity:

Repco D1NZ is at the forefront of fostering inclusivity within New Zealand's motorsport, particularly in the dynamic realm of drifting.


We're dedicated to expanding opportunities for New Zealanders of all ages and backgrounds, including youth, teenagers, men, and women. As a leader in the industry, our vision extends beyond just participation. We're actively engaging with local councils, educational institutions, and community organizations to lay the groundwork for the 2024 Championship.

Our collaborations are strategically designed to make every aspect of motorsport not just accessible but celebrated, ensuring a welcoming and representative environment for all enthusiasts.


Diverse Participation:
We're committed to developing avenues for a broad demographic, encouraging engagement from all corners of New Zealand society.

Industry Collaboration:
By partnering with local councils, we aim to align our objectives and nurture an inclusive motorsport culture that benefits everyone.

Educational Partnerships:
We believe in the power of education and are working with high schools and universities to embed motorsport into academic pursuits and interests.

Access to All Areas:
Our commitment is firm: to remove barriers and open up every part of the motorsport world, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to get involved and excel.

Long-Term Focus:
Our partnerships are more than just short-term projects; they're about laying a sustainable foundation for inclusivity that will nurture the growth and diversity of motorsport for generations to come.

 PILLAR 2:  


 Pillar 2 - Sustainability:


Repco D1NZ, alongside Motorsport NZ and SuperSprint is deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring the safety of our teams and the health of communities where we bring the exhilarating world of drifting. As a rapidly growing sport, we're focusing on innovative and environmentally friendly practices in partnership with industry leaders like Toyota NZ.


Our commitment includes:

  • Biofuels & Alternative Energy: Exploring new, sustainable fuels like Hydrogen to power our events and vehicles.

  • Recycling Initiatives: Implementing parts, tyre, and event recycling programs to reduce waste and promote reuse.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Actively mapping and executing strategies to minimize our overall environmental impact.


We're setting high standards for ourselves, with independent audits planned to ensure we meet and exceed environmental performance and workplace safety, targeting a bronze rating in the upcoming season.

In our pursuit of sustainable excellence, we are:

  • Event Safety & Risk Management: Developing comprehensive Health & Safety and Risk Management Plans for all major events.

  • Emissions Reduction: Continually reviewing and adopting low-emission fuel options and practices.

  • Resource Efficiency: Maximizing the efficient use of energy, resources, and water in all our operations.

  • Pollution Prevention: Implementing measures to prevent pollution and reduce waste across the board.

  • Safe Material Handling: Ensuring the safe removal, storage, handling, recycling, and disposal of hazardous materials.

  • Accident Prevention: Establishing procedures to prevent and swiftly address any accidents or spillages.


At Repco D1NZ, we're not just racing for the thrill; we're driving towards a more sustainable future for motorsport in New Zealand

 PILLAR 3:  



Repco D1NZ Drifting: Pillar 3 - Technology and Innovation:

Repco D1NZ's dedication to technology and innovation is at the heart of driving New Zealand's motorsport into the future, mirroring the nation's reputation for pioneering advancements. Through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we're not just elevating the sport; we're integrating it into New Zealand's wider innovation landscape with the goal of achieving global recognition.


Our areas of development include:

E-Sport Collaboration:

We're tapping into the vast potential of e-sports to enhance the motorsport experience and broaden our audience. Repco D1NZ is excited to launch its own e-sport series, running in tandem with real-life races, bringing a new dimension to the sport.

Advanced Broadcasting:

Investing in state-of-the-art broadcasting facilities, we're thrilled to be rolling out our first broadcasting truck, bringing the live-action of drifting to fans with unprecedented clarity and innovation.

Educational Integration:

We're launching initiatives in schools and universities to weave motorsport into the academic fabric, ensuring its relevance and accessibility for future generations.

Partnership with Tech Giants:

Collaborating with industry leaders like Rodin Cars and Toyota Gazoo Racing NZ, we're pushing the technological boundaries of motorsport to new heights.

Pushing Boundaries:

We embrace the extreme demands of motorsport as a catalyst for continuous technological evolution, driving forward cars, computers, and components.

Leading in Tech Innovation: Our strategy involves partnering with forward-thinking companies to position New Zealand motorsport at the forefront of tech innovation, augmented reality, and other emerging fields.

Shaping the Future: Our focus is on leveraging these technological advancements not just for the sport but as a tool for learning and inspiration for the next generation across New Zealand.

At Repco D1NZ, we're not just drifitng; we're revolutionizing the motorsport experience through technology and innovation, setting a new pace for the future in the coming years

 PILLAR 4:  


Repco D1NZ Drifting: Pillar 4 - Safety:

At Repco D1NZ, safety is not just a priority; it's the foundation of everything we do. Recognizing the inherent risks in the high-speed, adrenaline-pumped world of drifting, we've made safety our core principle, guiding every initiative, collaboration, and event.


Here's how we're championing safety in the sport:

School Rider Program: We're introducing young students to the world of motorsport in a safe, controlled environment, instilling a culture of safety from an early age.

Comprehensive Driver Training:

Our programs ensure that every driver has the necessary skills, knowledge, and reflexes to navigate any situation on the track safely.

Collaboration with Local Bodies:

We're working hand in hand with local authorities to teach advanced driving techniques, fostering a safer motorsport environment both on and off the track.

School Engagement and Education:

By integrating motorsport safety principles into school curriculums, we're shaping a future generation of responsible participants.

Global Expertise:

We're tapping into the knowledge and experience of the world's most seasoned drivers to continuously refine and enhance our safety protocols.

Holistic Event Safety:

Our commitment to safety extends from comprehensive event Health & Safety protocols to initiatives aimed at improving driving skills and safety awareness.

Development Initiatives:

We're exploring numerous avenues to further strengthen safety measures in all aspects of motorsport.


Trust Formation for Safety:

We're advocating for the creation of a trust specifically dedicated to funding and promoting leading safety initiatives in the sport, with several projects already operational and more in discussions at regional and council levels.

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