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Kase Pullen-Bury: The Drifting Dynamo at Hampton Downs

In a thrilling weekend of the Repco D1NZ series at Hampton Downs, Kase Pullen-Bury of P-B Drift showcased his exceptional talent by securing his sixth consecutive win, demonstrating his dominance in the Pro Championship following a stellar Pro-Sport championship clean sweep in 2023. Despite a shaky start with an 11th place qualifying result and a gearbox glitch that curtailed his practice session, Kase's resilience shone through. With the team working overtime to also fix a gearbox issue for his brother Cody, Kase turned it around when it mattered, showing his mettle in the battles and solidifying his championship lead.

SMP Motorsport emerged as the big story, with Shaun nabbing 2nd place and escalating to 2nd in the championship standings. The team had its share of drama, with an all-nighter to replace a failed engine, but Shaun's drive through exhaustion led to a spectacular clash with team mate J J Motorsport that was a nail-biter until the very end, even with some fender-bending moments!

Connor Halligan claimed the third step on the podium, following an intense skirmish with Kase that didn't quite tip in his favor. Nevertheless, his efforts were rewarded with a healthy addition to his championship points, catapulting him to 4th in the standings, just behind Team DSR's Dave Steedman.

Hampton Downs delivered an adrenaline-fueled weekend, with eyes now turning to Manfeild for rounds 3 and 4. Cheers to the legends at Repco for bringing the action to the fans.

Daniel Edwards: From Wall to Winner in Pro-Sport Championship

Daniel Edwards, from D.E Drift, turned a potentially disastrous day into a triumph, beginning with an early encounter with the wall, then pivoting to victory through the collective effort of his crew and generous support from rival teams. The camaraderie and spirit of the drift community were in full display as they rallied to get his car back in competitive form.

The Pro-Sport drivers put up a dazzling show, battling tire-to-tire, and signaling that the fight for the championship is far from over. With the double-header round at Manfeild on the horizon, the competition is set to intensify.

The championship scoreboard now tells a new tale, with Daniel Edwards leading at 176 points, followed closely by the previous round's victor, Keisuke Nagashima of 86fighters at 142 points, and AW Drift clinging to third with 138 points. Thanks to Repco New Zealand, fans could witness the entire spectacle via a free livestream.

In anticipation of the next round, the drift community is abuzz with excitement. Stay tuned for more heart-stopping drift action, courtesy of the legends at Repco.


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