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Double-header for 2024 season

Following consultation with D1NZ drivers, sponsors and stakeholders, the decision has been made to postpone the event that was scheduled to take place next weekend at the Kohatu Drift Park in Spooners Range, Nelson. 

In the interests of public safety as well as that of our drivers, crew, and staff, the event will be moved out of the 2024 championship series. The event will remain on the calendar in 2024, however it will now form part of the start of the 2025 season, with a new date of November 15-17, 2024.


With the 2024 season already having its fixtures established, any attempt to move current dates or venues would have forced many extra logistical and fiscal challenges for teams, sponsors and fans alike.


D1NZ is committed to a five-round championship for the 2024 season. To achieve this with the postponement of the Nelson round, the decision to add an extra day to the calendar at Manfeild in April was the most logical.


This will mean that Hampton Downs becomes Round 2 & Manfeild becomes a double-header weekend in April, now running April 12-14. For the drivers this will mean an exciting new layout of the track in the reverse direction, on the second day of competition. For drift fans it makes it a huge weekend of action over the three days.


All ticket holders for the original event planned for February 23-25 at the Kohatu Drift Park will be transferred to the new date, November 15-17, 2024. We appreciate the logistical challenges this poses to those affected by the postponement, however given the safety risk, moving the event to the start of next season has been presented as the best option.


As a community, D1NZ appreciates the on-going support of the fans and public as well as the co-operation of drivers and brand partners at making this difficult decision work.


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